Exciting News – D Chiro Inositol

I have obtained a very limited quantity of DCI powder at wholesale rates.  A portion of this is available for sale, deeply discounted to other retail suppliers.  See http://www.pcosinfo.wordpress.com/treatments/natural/dci for further information and to order.


2 Responses to Exciting News – D Chiro Inositol

  1. Karrin says:

    Hi there

    I have ‘thin’ version of PCOS. I have been on 1200mg DCI for almost 6 weeks and in that (long) cycle I did ovulate and then AF. This is quite a breakthrough for me. I would also like to add that the ovulation was exactly 14 days after I started a tincture of Vitex (Chaste Berry) herb which I think might have had an opportunity to work better with the effect of the DCI…all guesswork ready – but so far so good on DCI. Even getting used to all that wild dreaming. I passed a glucose tolerance test with flying colours…everything was normal. So it seems the DCI might have an effect on non IR PCOS also…..



    • Belrosa says:

      Hi Karrin,

      Thanks for your comment and letting me know how things are going. I’m really glad to hear that the DCI and Vitex are helping. Vitex usually takes longer than 2 weeks to work, often in the order of 3 months, but everyone is different and the DCI and Vitex may well have a synergistic effect and work better together than either do on their own. DCI is definitely not a magic pill and the more angles from which you approach PCOS the better your results will be. I hope things continue to improve for you. All the best, Anne

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