News & Research

What’s new and interesting in the field of PCOS Research? Read on …

Napping During the Day Increases Risk of High Blood Sugar

A Possible New Cause Of PCOS Has Been Identified

Plant Extract Has Potential as Hair Growth Promoter

Gut Flora Plays a Role in Body Weight

6 Minutes of Short Burst Activity a Week Improves Insulin Sensitivity

Storing Potatoes in the Refrigerator Lowers their Glycaemic Index

Tart Cherries Reduce Central Obesity

Dark Chocolate Reduces Insulin Resistance

Apples Lower the Body’s Insulin Requirement

Blueberries Increase Insulin Sensitivity

Raw, Grass-Fed Cow’s Milk Reduces Insulin Resistance

Too Much or Too Little Sleep Affects Risk of Impaired Glucose Tolerance

Nutrition Makes a Difference in PCOS

Manganese Doubles the Efficacy of D Chiro Inositol

Low Carb or Low Fat Diet – Which is More Beneficial for PCOS?


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