Apples Lower the Body’s Insulin Requirement

Here is a very interesting article I found about the many reasons why apples are good for you! It’s a long but very interesting read, especially the bits about trying to quit smoking and lowering the insulin requirement. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Here are the highlights:

Apples are most healthful when eaten raw, with the peel.  More than one-quarter of the best nutrients and fiber are contained in the peel.

It’s best to eat only certified organic apples. They have not been irradiated and come from trees not treated with pesticides.

For best results, choose apples that are fully ripe, store in the refrigerator and eat three or more times a week.

Research has shown that regular ingestion of fresh, raw apples reduces the risk of lung cancer. A study of 10,000 people over an unknown period of time demonstrated that lung cancer can be reduced by as much as 50 per cent.

Apples can also be of great benefit to those who are trying to stop smoking. The pectin in a fresh, raw apple contains chemicals that fool the body into thinking it is getting a dose of nicotine.

Rats that ate the equivalent of three apples daily reduced their risk of breast cancer by 39%.

In another study, rats fed an apple skin extract had a forty-three per cent lower risk of colon cancer and in yet another study, rats had a 57 per cent lower risk of liver cancer.

Be aware that juice loses about 90 per cent of the phytonutrients that raw apples contain.

The primary protective substances in apples are galacturonic acid, naringin, pectin and quercetin.

Quercetin is contained in the skin and is believed by neuro-researchers to protect the brain from Alzheimer’s disease.

Pectin and naringin have been proven to lower LDL, the bad cholesterol. In one study, people who ate two apples daily lowered their LDL by as much as sixteen per cent.

Galacturonic acid is used by the body to lower the need for insulin.

Apples contain a natural flavonoid, phloridzin. This amazing chemical is unique to the apple and is thought to be the reason apples are important to lung health.


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Full Article:


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