PCOS Aromatherapy & Organic Castor Oil Blend

I have put together a unique aromatherpy herbal oil designed specifically to help women with polycystic ovaries. PCOS Blend Blue Pump

In a base of organic castor oil I have blended a specific mixture of essential oils which have a beneficial effect on female hormones including Geranium, Clary Sage, Mugwort, Lavender & Chammomile.  I have used certified organic essential oils where they are available.

A 200 ml bottle of this special blend is available for use with the heat pack method described here for only $20 AUD + P&H.  If you would like to order a larger quantity, please contact me to arrange a better price.

Within Australia, express post of one or two bottles costs $12 (very securely packaged) or $15 for up to 3 kg of product & packaging.

The oil bottle will be packed in bubble wrap, inside a stiff cardboard box, inside an express post plastic satchel.  This is to ensure that your order reaches you in the best possible condition.

If you would like to order the PCOS Aromatherapy Castor Oil Blend, please send an email to  Anne Emailand I will contact you to confirm the details of your order and provide you with a quote.  Please note that should you choose to pay with Paypal there will be a very small extra charge in the order of around $1 to cover their charges.  I will only pass on the exact fees in each case, it may be as little as 50 cents.


2 Responses to PCOS Aromatherapy & Organic Castor Oil Blend

  1. Kelly says:

    Please contact re pCOS specific order many thanks kellu

  2. Rafiana says:

    Hi I have PCOS cyst will caster oil packs work and how can I odrer for uk shipping

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