Anecdotal Reports from Women Who Have Taken DCI

Despite Insmed’s decision to drop the entire project, quite a few anecdotal reports have surfaced from participants in the trial which describe various successes which may be more important in the long run than the more tangible objective of increasing the rate of ovulation.

“I participated in one if Insmed’s drug trials and took inositol for 9 months. it was very effective for me (lost about 25 lbs without trying) and i had no bad side effects. i know this is all moot since they stopped deveploment on the drug, but i’d jump for joy if one day it was available.”

I’m on DCI! I think it’s a miracle, after 3 months on it we got a bfp!” (BFP = Big Fat Positive in relation to a pregnancy test)

I have been taking DCI for about 6 weeks now before i started i was on metformin and it didnt do anything but make me gain more weight. but the Dci has changed my system completly my periods are normal my harmon levels are normal for the first time in 34 years my body hair has slowed down and is almost gone my ovulation is right on schedule with my period and it has even made my tummy start to disappear .”

I have been taking 1200 mg DCI daily for several months and i’m a changed person! I’m the person that I should have been if I didn’t have PCOS. The first most notable changes I had were weight loss, and no more mood swings and I was suddenly so happy all of the time! Also my head hair stopped falling out and my body hair turned softer, lighter or disappeared. My head hair is now so thick and glossy! After a couple of months I started having a normal menstrual cycle. Also, my skin has cleared up and looks awesome! there are absolutely no bad symptoms of DCI and I can say this because DCI is just a b vitamin.”

I have been taking 1200mg DCI for exactly three weeks now. I am on CD11, I took clomid CD5-CD9 (provera induced period). Today I noticed EWCM for the first time in years literally speaking. Does this mean I am about to ovulate? Is it not too early? I don’t think the EWCM is due to clomid since it’s only been two days since my last pill. I have also been taking robitussin. Up until now I didn’t think the DCI was doing anything except giving me more energy and some breakouts but I just realized I may be ovulating because of it.”


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