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2 Responses to Myoinositol

  1. Michelle says:

    I just recently started looking into a natural replacement for metformin because of the adverse effects. I found myo-inositol and I am finding that some people claim that myo-inositol is just sold as inositol and are the same thing, and some say that myo-inositol is one form of inositol and therefore different than just inositol. Can you clear this up for me.
    I have pcos and insulin resistance plus iam overweight and so I have fertility problems but I have a regular period also. Right now I am only trying to treat the problems, not get pregnant. I am preparing my body for the possibility of pregnancy should I decide I’m ready. I take vitex, 400mg 3xdaily, super b complex with vit.c, 1xdaily (am), and a prenatal with dha, 1xdaily (pm). I am also bbt charting and I am thinking about adding green tea to the mix. I am also watching what I eat and getting exercise. I am taking a stand and I Have put myself on a more natural path for treating my issues because i am sick of prescriptions that make me sick and tired, literally.
    I do not have insurance and I can not afford to get other opinions. I know what my problems are and how they affect me personally so I do not want people who have to be on medications to think they should take a stand and stop all doctors orders. I am only prescribed metformin. I do not have hbp and my a1c is 5 and that was before metformin. I will be getting blood work done in 2 months which will also tell me how my body is responding to a life with out prescriptions.
    Amy information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

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