Pharmaceutical Treatments for PCOS

There are two main drugs used in the treatment of PCOS:

There are also some drugs which are commonly used to treat the symptoms of PCOS:

  • Spironolactone

And many women with PCOS who have poor blood sugar control are treated with diabetic drugs such as:

Byetta & Januvia


3 Responses to Pharmaceutical Treatments for PCOS

  1. liz carr says:

    I have been on Metformin for a couple of years and love it. I immediatly lost forty pounds and have been far more harmonally balanced.

  2. Manisha says:

    Hello, I had the worst experience with metformoin. I am diagnosed with PCOS and I started it last month on 11th of September 2016 and started spotting very next day and on 22nd I started bleeding and it became worst and it has been almost 16 days I am still bleeding. I don’t know what to do. I have been to gynea and she gave medicine to stop bleeding but nothing happened. We trying for baby but nothing is helping. 😦

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