Surgical Treatment for PCOS

In some cases, when PCOS fails to respond adequately to non-invasive treatments such as dietary modifications, nutritional & herbal supplementation & pharmaceutical drugs, a procedure called ovarian diathermy or ovarian resection may be considered.


4 Responses to Surgical Treatment for PCOS

  1. Jai says:

    OMG! That looks awfully painful! What would the outcome be? Can you become pregnant after this type of surgery?

    • Belrosa says:

      It doesn’t look particularly good does it? Many women have lifelong problems with adhesions which develop as a result of the surgery, however, it is actually a treatment to increase a woman’s fertility if she has PCOS. It has very variable success rates however, some women have become pregnant as a result of this surgery. It is now considered old-fashioned though and cutting edge research has provided more effective treatments with less risk.

      D Chiro Inositol is the more modern, less invasive treatment for PCOS which has had much better results at increasing fertility (ovulation and conception rates) for women with PCOS and with no known side effects. Find out more at

  2. faith says:

    What about weight loss surgery would that help

    • My PCOS Info says:

      Weight loss surgery is a very extreme measure which has lifelong consequences and side effects. It will not address the root cause of PCOS. Scientific research to date indicates that the most effective treatments for PCOS include a controlled carbohydrate diet, regular exercise and stress management regime and insulin sensitising agents if necessary, such as d-chiro inositol.

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